Isabella Giancarlo Turns Romantic Endings Into Lyrical Baked Goods

 - Apr 27, 2016
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Isabella Giancarlo is a Brooklyn-based baker that has found a way to merge popular breakup quotes and food in her series of desserts that feature the words carved into the edibles. The desserts are featured on her Instragram that highlights some of the most popular breakup one liners through food -- which, ironically enough, is a comfort to many consumers during such a time.

Giancarlo's desserts range from cakes to cookies and cupcakes and feature often heard final words that are exchanged in a breakup carved or decorated onto the dessert. The series is bluntly entitled 'Eat Your Heart Out' and features such sayings as,
"I've got nothing left" and "I don't think I actually loved you" etched into the foods using icing, sprinkled sugar and carving.