Bespoke Bride's DIY Flower Boxes are Painted in Vibrant Hues

 - Jun 2, 2015
References: bespoke-bride
Bespoke Brides's latest craft project is a set of DIY flower boxes that can be hung in one's home or used to decorate a party. The hexagonal boxes are purchased from a hardware or craft shop and can be painted in a vibrant color palette -- in this case a combination of yellow, pale pink and orange hues.

Once painted, using poster paint, the boxes are infused with inexpensive foam bricks that can be cut for a more customized arrangement. Once fitted with their foam, each of these DIY flower boxes is fitted with fresh or faux flowers, making for an inexpensive center piece or wall accent at birthdays, weddings or other festive gatherings.

While this particular design is bright and reflective of the bold Bespoke Bride aesthetic, it can also be personalized to fit with a seasonal party theme and can be re-created with flowers and hues of one's choice.