From Homemade Plant Hangers to Crayon-Colored Candles

 - Jan 31, 2016
The top 2015 DIY trends are a testament to the shifting consumer mindset towards a more sustainable lifestyle. While DIY projects are nothing new, consumers are now viewing these tutorials as viable alternatives to purchasing store-bought products.

In the past, many consumers associated DIY projects with crafts and homemade decorations. Now there are DIY tutorials for complex products such as flashlights, smartphones and even tattoo machines. Indeed, the top 2015 DIY trends demonstrate that consumers are not afraid to take on the task of creating products they could otherwise purchase.

Perhaps most interesting is the rise of DIY fashion and beauty. Despite the proliferation of fast fashion and affordable cosmetics, many consumers are interested in making these products from scratch. This is indicative of a renewed focus on sustainability and the use of all-natural materials.

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