William Gurstelle Creates a Visually Stimulating Project with PCV Pipes

 - Mar 17, 2015
References: makezine
For some people, nothing can be too over-stimulating; enter these illuminating DIY speakers. A fun product for the home, they are fairly simple to put together. All a person needs in addition to the necessary audio hardware are a couple PCV pipes and LEDs. The transparent pipes let the LEDs shine through to create an interactive experience with the sound emitted from the DIY speakers.

The resulting look of the DIY speakers is surprisingly chic. Dubbed Sound-O-Light, they stand tall in a minimalistic fashion in order to fit in with just about any existing decor. Designer William Gurstelle notes, "At moderate volume and above, the same audio signal both drove the speaker and pulsed the LEDs in time with the music — and I discerned no difference in the speakers’ sound with or without the LED load."