- Oct 25, 2016
As more consumers turn to their smartphones as their go-to music source, there is an increasing demand for travel-friendly speaker systems that are just as portable as they are functional. In turn, companies have responded by creating speakers that are tinier and higher in quality than ever before.

One of the many reasons consumers are looking for portable speaker systems is so that they can listen to music outside of their home. To accommodate this need, companies such as Braven and Altec Lansing have created durable speakers that can stand up to outdoor conditions. Similarly, products such as the Extend Silicone Speaker have been developed to fit onto bikes and withstand the rigors of transport.

Of course, some consumers are looking for more than just durability from their outdoor speaker systems. Indeed, there is a growing demand for additional functions such as lighting and visuals that offer a more comprehensive form of entertainment. Some products that boast these additional features include the Elecom Shining Bluetooth LED Speakers, Sony's Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 and the Sharper Image LED Speakers.

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