These Speakers Are Designed To Integrate With All Design Schemes

 - May 31, 2016
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
The Photive Sphere portable Bluetooth speakers are a wonderfully well designed and engineered set of speakers that are designed to completely eschew and bin the age-old assumption that speakers always have to adopt boringly stiff square and rectangle shapes.

What's great about these speakers is that you can easily and conveniently connect them to your music source via Bluetooth. Once this is hooked up, the Photive Sphere Bluetooth speakers promise high fidelity sound that is marked by exceptionally deep and rich bass as well as crystal clear high end frequencies. The speakers also come up with a handy stand that enables you to place your speaker anywhere.

With its combination of balanced sound and elegant, spherical design, the Photive Sphere speakers make for a high-tech and elegantly modern addition to any music setup.