These Speakers and Headphones Makes Use of Innovative Designs

 - Jul 17, 2016
Speakers and headphones are always being revitalized to meet the growing demands of consumers today. While many brands prefer to stick to more traditional fan-favorites, others are looking to break boundaries by offering new uses for audio equipment.

An example of this includes a health-monitoring set of headphones that debuted at the Graduate Shows 2016 from designer Lesley-Ann Daly which work by translating internal messages using sensory augmentation. Meanwhile, the 'NYNE Cruise Bluetooth Bike Speaker' mounts to handlebars so that cyclists can listen to their favorite beats as they ride along without having surrounding noise dangerously blocked out.

In addition to these examples, this cluster of innovative speakers and headphones includes products like waterproof MP3 players, wireless running earbuds, audio-streaming sunglasses, DIY airplane headphones and multipurpose camping lanterns. Although each is different in its own right, all of the headphones and speakers offer consumers a functional use that's tailored specifically to their needs.