The AfterShokz TREKS Audio Buds Sit Outside the Ear Lobe for Easy Listening

 - Jun 26, 2016
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
Retail brand AfterShokz is offering consumers an alternative set of open-ear headphones that unconventionally sit outside the ear lobe for easy listening during sport activities. The headphones are ideal for consumers that need to retain hearing of their surroundings during an activity, but still want to listen to music or other media while they move.

Often times ear buds are designed to block a user's hearing and streamline it so that they only hear through the headphones. While this is ideal for many listening experiences, during a sport activity such as biking, running or hiking having an active awareness of one's surrounding is crucial to one's safety. The TREKZ headphones wrap around the wearer's head with a solid band and sit right outside of the lobe channelling the music inward.