From Fever-Tracking Thermometers to Sound-Preserving Earbuds

 - Jun 21, 2017
In today's digital world, we often forget to protect our hearing while connected to our devices but these health-promoting ear technologies hope to solve that.

Our ears are one of the most neglected aspects of our health, especially so for those who often use poorly produced headphones at high volumes. To prevent damaging one's hearing, a number of companies have developed technologies for open-ear headphones. These avoid damaging the ear canal by using bone conduction, a technology initially developed for those who are hard of hearing. Other devices will work to protect your hearing by automatically adjusting the volume, protecting your ears from getting waterlogged while surfing and some support overall health.

As we dive further into the digital age, it is important consumers work to protect their hearing and well-being. These health-promoting ear technologies have identified a market that is largely ignored and are working to capitalize on this opportunity.