Even's Smart Earphones Use a Hearing Test to Customize Audio Settings

 - Jun 29, 2016
References: geteven.co & gizmag
A company by the name of 'Even' has taken it upon itself to go ahead and develop a set of smart earphones that mark the result of a scientific and intricate approach towards ensuring that earphone audio sounds the same to everyone.

The fact of the matter is that each of us has a unique anatomy, with the result being that everyone hears music from earphones differently. This is where Even's smart earphones come in. These earphones make use of a fully embedded audiogram, or hearing test apparatus, to analyze audio and then adjust it to the specific user's ears. The earphones essentially analyze the user's hearing and them apply corrections and upgrades to audio.

The end result is a earphone product that is the first to guarantee that the audio you listen to is completely free of deficiencies that can hamper your listening experience with or without your knowledge.