- Jan 29, 2017
The 2016 multimedia trends show how exciting a time it is for consumer entertainment. Many people can clearly remember a time when entertainment content either came on television, in a movie theater, or over the radio, but advancements in technology have created entirely new media for telling stories and creating experiences.

The most notable of the 2016 multimedia trends is surely virtual reality. Though VR has existed for several years, 2016 was the year in which the technology began to become affordable and realistic for the average consumer. This translates in terms of both hardware and software.

On the hardware front, many companies have released affordable VR headsets that either work as standalone products or as adapters for users' smartphones. Perhaps the most striking of these is the Xiaomi Mi headset, which costs just $29. In terms of software, companies are embracing the potential of VR and releasing fantastical branded content for consumers. McDonald's VR painting experience, which was available for attendees at SXSW, is just one example.

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From 360-Degree Recording Glasses to VR Painting Experiences: