The Boomstick Jack Improves Listening by Enriching the Audio Quality

 - May 13, 2016
References: boomcloud360 & blessthisstuff
The Boomstick is an innovative device that acts as a mediator extension between the consumer's headphones and listening gadget to improve the audio quality of the music. The device is able to enrich audio tones so that the sound quality is at a higher audiophile level, providing a luxurious listening experience without the need for new headphones or tech devices. Instead, the Broomstick is an extension Digital Audio Converter (DAC) piece that works with existing audio accessories.

The device is conveniently small and lightweight making it simple and intuitive to use and add to one's existing music set up. The Boomstick is a slender stick that connects between one's earbuds and their laptop or smartphone and improves the sound quality of files lacking pitch using algorithms.