The 'GoSafe 260' HD Dashcam Features Motion-Detection Technology

Many drivers on the road are looking for streamlined rearview mirror cameras to help keep an extra eye on things for protection, which the 'GoSafe 260' HD Dashcam provides with added features. Aside from being a full-HD camera, the 'GoSafe 260' is designed to blend seamlessly into your vehicle's design. Mounting onto the rearview mirror, the 'GoSafe 260' HD Dashcam is powered by the vehicle, so it doesn't require recharging.

The motion-detection functionality allow the 'GoSafe 260' HD Dashcam to start recording automatically on the road as well as when parked to record potential break ins. With more consumers looking for ways to protect their personal property, products like the 'GoSafe 260' HD Dashcam are becoming more commonplace for regular drivers.