Yiannis Kranidiotis Depicts Classic Paintings as Digital Soundscapes

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: kranidiotis.gr & gizmodo
Greek artist and physicist Yiannis Kranidiotis has managed to well and truly fuse his artistic talent and scientific expertise in the form of 'Ichographs', a spectacular new series that sees him take classic paintings and transform them into gorgeous digital soundscapes.

Kranidiotis, who has long displayed an interest in the interactions between sound and light, set up the soundscapes so as to effectively highlight the different ways in which sound and light are actually similar. Both have similar properties such as wavelength and frequency, and this makes it possible to create sounds that have similar properties to a visual element of a painting.

The soundscapes in the Ichographs series are eerily beautiful, and are a great example of art and science colliding in spectacular fashion, with the visual beauty of the paintings and the aural properties of the sound strengthening each other.