From In-Store Coding Classes to Branded Makeup Tutorials

 - Oct 26, 2017
These educational retail workshops range from in-store coding classes to branded makeup tutorials like the classes lead by cosmetics giant Sephora. In addition to redesigning its stores to feature interactive elements and central stations where 'Sephora Beauty TIP Workshops,' the company is also home to 'No Makeup Makeup' courses which help visitors achieve a natural and hassle-free morning routine.

In the ream of tech, innovation leaders like Apple are offering in-store game design classes, and digital art workshops that help its customers make the most of their devices and their many hidden features.

Other educational retail workshops to take note of include web-based examples like 'Clos19.' Moet Hennessy's immersive online store is styled like an upscale blog, while connecting users to catering, tasting, and educational sessions centered around premium spirits.