From Bonsai Tree Interpretations to Holographic Fashion Shows

 - Aug 15, 2016
With advances in Photoshop and other software that allows artists to manipulate or create images and videos, digitally rendered art pushes boundaries that other forms of art are not able to push.

The 'Alien Bonsaïs' collection is one that takes inspiration from the Bonsai tree to make plants that look as though they are from another planet. The digitally rendered artwork executes a series of images that are intricate in their details and whimsical in their design.

Digital art has entered the fashion world with full force, with the artist Amber Jae Slooten going so far as to create an entire line of virtual clothing. The collection came together in the artist's live virtual fashion show, where real models wore skin-colored suits and had the clothing projected onto them as they moved and danced.