This Illuminated Digital Art is Inspired by Buildings in Major Cities

 - Jul 18, 2016
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The illuminated digital art created by the Barcelona-based graphic design studio 'RETOKA' uses imagery from major cities around the world.

The project is titled 'City Sound' and was created to represent the nocturnal nature of these major cities. The "city never sleeps" concept is displayed with dark backgrounds and luminescent buildings that give off streaks of light as though they are moving. Each city is represented with unique warm or cool color schemes. The cities represented in this illuminated digital art include Toronto, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Miami and Moscow. The buildings featured in most of this art are not large or distinct enough for most people to be able to immediately discern which city is being represented, so each piece of art is clearly labeled.

This digital art beautifully enhances the concept of a city skyline to make a statement.