'Project Wetbrush' Tracks Each Bristle for Virtual Oil Paintings

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: blogs.nvidia & engadget
'Project Wetbrush' is a collaboration between Adobe and NVIDIA that could revolutionize one of the oldest artistic media in existence. Whereas the invention of photography freed painters from striving for photorealistic works (since pictures would always be more realistic), Project Wetbrush uses mighty computing power and 3D tracking algorithms to allow for picture-perfect real-time digital oil painting.

Virtual painting with digital brushes has been around for years, but previous iterations of the technology were forced to rely on stock brushstroke patterns due to a lack of computing power. Project Wetbrush is able to track every single bristle on the artist's paintbrush, mapping how that bristle would transfer its paint to the canvas. The result is richly textured and nuanced colorscapes that look indistinguishable from real-world oil paintings.

Ironically, Project Wetbrush's ability to mimic traditional oil painting represents a breakthrough in painting as a whole, since digital manipulation of traditional styles can further expand painting for cutting edge artists.