From Rustic Cat Furniture to Acne-Fighting Bedding

 - Aug 28, 2016
As the August 2016 home ideas convey, consumers are demanding more from the products that they choose to adorn their homes with. Rather than just being static fixtures of a house, accessories and furniture are being used to bring a new level of life into the home environment.

Some of the most notable innovations include bedding from Modern Zinc that promotes good skin health, as well as the 'Chill' comforter that helps to keep sleepers cool at night with copper beads. Modern consumers are now looking for products like these with subtle built-in health benefits.

While home decor is typically thought of as an inanimate and unmoving addition to an interior environment, there are several designs being introduced to add interactivity and color to a home. Great examples of this include the color-in wallpaper designs from Mural Wallpapers and the Chameleon Series clock, which changes its hues with the passing of time.