A Short Teaser Ad Shows the Dynamic Use of IKEA Material in a New Line

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: youtube & highsnobiety
A recent collaboration with a Danish furniture company known as 'HAY' has led to a new commercial that showcases the versatile use and quality of IKEA materials.

The ad begins in darkness, with the sound of a rolling glass ball interrupting the surrounding silence in the video. It rolls through an empty house and comes to a white rectangular box that sits at the center of a room. The box begins to melt and the wood floor breaks open, reforming itself into a dream-like twisted structure. String unravels from a spool and weaves a gray fabric in the air which rotates around the room with elegance.

The screen turns black and the rolling ball is reintroduced, along with text that promotes the upcoming collaborative collection. Though no furniture is actually shown in the ad, the video teases the IKEA material used for its creation in order to generate consumer excitement. The video has an enchanting quality that makes its craftsmanship seem magical as well, giving the collection a positive correlation as it is shown transforming the home.