Methven's 'Aurajet' Shoots Water from a Halo-Shaped Nozzle

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: methven & yankodesign
Shower heads all perform the same task -- the apparently simple one of shooting water -- and yet, when it comes to showering, people can be picky. Whether it's inadequate pressure, poor flow, or an uncomfortable stream, the wrong shower head can ruin a morning routine. The 'Aurajet' from New Zealand-based design firm Methven attempts to solve the problem of weak showers with its unique, halo-shaped design.

Within the chrome loop of Aurajet shower heads are 15 silicon rubber nozzles, each angled precisely around the frame to give maximum coverage. Though the design has a gap in the center, the interaction of the spray from each nozzle makes the shower feel completely gapless. Aside from performance, the Aurajet focuses on looks as well, with five available color schemes to accentuate the eye-catching design.

Luxury is for every room in the house, bathroom included, with the Aurajet.