Valerii Kuznetsov's Smart Door Recognizes Inhabitants and Links to an App

Valerii Kuznetsov is the designer of a smart security door that has a number of different functions to keep a home's inhabitants safe from danger.

The doors offer safety in the event of a break-in, fire and also offers helpful tips in terms of preparing for the weather outside when about to leave the house and setting other custom reminders -- with its design incorporating thermal and weather senors as well as video cameras.

The security doors connect to an app so that consumers can monitor their home when away and control functions from a tablet or phone. In addition to including a safety lock and camera view, the security doors feature a child protection system, in-house movement reports and recognize its owners when they enter the home. The doors are aesthetically pleasing as well, with their safety glass able to turn totally transparent to allow more light into the home or completely opaque for more privacy.