From Laundry Pod Subscriptions to Disruptive Telecom Startups

 - Aug 28, 2016
These August 2016 business trends range from convenient laundry pod subscriptions to disruptive telecom startups that aim to make premium internet access more readily available to budget-conscious consumers.

When examining the month's lifestyle-specific business examples, standouts include counter culture hair salons along with kid-friendly meal deliveries. Following in the footsteps of existing businesses that cater to adult foodies, kid-friendly startup Tuckrbox lets young consumers design custom lunchboxes that are packed with tasty and nutritious snack options. Additionally, '#BLOW,' a Manic Panic-branded salon caters to consumers who seek to experiment with bright hair dyes and embraces beauty choices that promote self expression.

Other notable August 2016 business trends include female-oriented tech conferences that give business women a chance to interact with keynote speakers and like-minded industry leaders.