Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down

 - Jul 16, 2016
References: & thedrinksbusiness
Hong Kong's 'Wolf Market' is a unique Wolf of Wall Street-inspired cocktail bar where the prices of drinks increase or decrease based on their popularity. Cocktail names are displayed on an LED screen like stocks and fluctuate by about HK$3.

As 'Asia's Stock Market Bar,' Wolf Market has an every-changing price list for its drinks based on supply and demand. This means that if a few patrons order a popular drink, it drives the cost up. Similarly, drinks that aren't selling well will be priced lower. Fortunately, when the drink prices reach a "trading-day high," the Wolf Market "crashes" and costs return to lower, more affordable prices.

For those who prefer not to take their chances, Wolf Market' also has an upstairs area called the Trader’s Bar that functions as a fixed-price cocktail lounge.