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TH Video

Deep diving into the latest trends, content and culture happening at Trend Hunter, this video category has everything you’ll need to keep up to date with Trend Hunter’s community, events and busines innovation.
play_circle_filled The Future of Work Keynote
The Future of Work Keynote
Trend Hunter's Jaime Neely Shows How Innovation Starts with Culture
In her ‘Future of Work Keynote,’ Trend Hunter’s Jaime Neely identifies the “Four Es of Modern Work Culture” to show brands how they can make a positive impact on their... MORE
play_circle_filled Immersive Meditation Studios
Immersive Meditation Studios
Toronto-Based Hoame Leveraged Technology to Encourage Deep Relaxation
People don’t often associate technology with meditation, but Hoame—Toronto’s largest meditation studio—is aiming to change that, by balancing modern wellness with age-old... MORE
play_circle_filled Integrated CAV Testing Environments
Integrated CAV Testing Environments
Ottawa L5 Allows Researchers to Safely Assess Smart Vehicles
Ottawa L5 is North America’s very first connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) testing environment. With CAVs being the future of transportation, and capable of completely transforming the way... MORE
play_circle_filled Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on Future Festival Tickets
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on Future Festival Tickets
Take Advantage of Our BOGO Offer for a Limited Time
Future Festival, the world’s #1 innovation conference, will be kicking off again for 2019 and for a limited time, Trend Hunter is offering a buy-one-get-one-free ticket deal. The discounted offer... MORE
play_circle_filled Cider Flavor Renaissances
Cider Flavor Renaissances
Heineken Cider Innovation Center Creates New Recipes for Diverse Markets
In the small town of Aubel, Belgium, Jean-Pierre Stassen has been in the business of making cider for nearly 40 years. His career path came naturally to him, as cider has been in the Stassen family... MORE
play_circle_filled Advancing Sales Practices
Advancing Sales Practices
Phil M. Jones Discusses His Teachings with Trend Hunter's Jeremy Gutsche
Phil M. Jones is an internationally renowned communication expert, sales keynote speaker, influence coach, and New York Times bestselling author. His most recent books, ‘Exactly How to Sell’ and MORE
play_circle_filled Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
MerinoTech+ Offers Versatile and Travel-Friendly Apparel
These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don’t need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting,... MORE
play_circle_filled Artistic 4K Televisions
Artistic 4K Televisions
Trend Hunter Talked to Mark Childs About 'The Frame' by Samsung
Outfitting your home with the latest digital technology no longer means sacrificing aesthetics thanks to Samsung’s latest product. With ‘The Frame,’ consumers can finally combine... MORE
Cream Hygiene
Cream-based deodorants become more popular
Trend - As more consumers look for hygiene products that are "natural" but still effective, cream-based deodorant formulas have been gaining more traction. These products are also often packaged and formulated more sustainably.
Workshop Question - How could your brand better prioritize product experience?
play_circle_filled Interactive Conference Content
Interactive Conference Content
TimePlay Partnered with Future Festival to Bring Keynotes to Life
Thanks to a cutting-edge partnership with engagement platform TimePlay, the 2019 Future Festival World Summit took the concept of interactive conference content to new heights. TimePlay’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Top Trends for 2020
Top Trends for 2020
Get Ahead with Trend Hunter's 2020 Trend Forecast Video
If you haven’t already checked out Trend Hunter’s 2020 Trend Report, it’s not too late to get ahead of the curve for the year to come. In less than 9 minutes, our newly released video... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival World Summit
Future Festival World Summit
Get Ready to Decode the Return at Future Festival World Summit 2022
The Roaring 20s are returning, consumer needs are changing, and this year’s Future Festival World Summit is set to support you in decoding the return of real life. Set in downtown Toronto, our... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Retail Keynote
The Future of Retail Keynote
Trend Hunter's Ady Floyd Highlights How Retail is Shifting
Trend Hunter futurist Ady Floyd works with Fortune 500 clients to help them prepare for what’s to come—and her Future of Retail keynote gives viewers a glimpse of just how much the modern... MORE
play_circle_filled The Future of Generations Keynote
The Future of Generations Keynote
Trend Hunter's Armida Ascano Speaks to Demographic Evolution
When looking to connect with consumers, brands first need to truly understand who they are—and Trend Hunter’s Armida Ascano shows just how brands can do this to improve their consumer... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends in December
Top 100 Eco Trends in December
From Sustainable After-Death Centers to Backyard Gardening Kits
As climate change threatens our planet, it is important to pay attention to what is out there in terms of sustainable initiatives and product launches — the December 2019 eco gives one a good... MORE
play_circle_filled Accurate Digital Fitting Rooms
Accurate Digital Fitting Rooms
Passen's Technology Streamlines the Online Shopping Experience
Passen is a digital fitting service that makes it easier than ever for consumers to find accurately sized clothing, with the specific measurements from different retailers taken into account to... MORE
play_circle_filled 3D Selfie-Printing Studios
3D Selfie-Printing Studios
Toronto's Selftraits Creates Custom Hyperrealistic Figures
Selftraits first launched in 2015, and has since been creating life-like figures for its clients, providing an interactive component to events with its customized 3D prints, crafting the perfect... MORE
play_circle_filled Canadian Cannabis Marketplaces
Canadian Cannabis Marketplaces
Lift & Co. Provides Customized and Accessible Information to Users
Lift & Co. CMO Kerri-Lynn McAllister sat down with Trend Hunter to talk about how the Canadian medical marijuana marketplace and community helps users to share and compare their experiences with... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival's Future Party
Future Festival's Future Party
Trend Hunter's Future Party is an Immersive Networking Experience
This year’s Future Festival attendees will have the opportunity to join in Trend Hunter’s Future Party, a space where the world’s top innovators will come together to network with... MORE
Top 35 Travel Ideas in November
Top 35 Travel Ideas in November
From In-Flight Pillow Menus to Premium Aircraft Dinnerware
While many lament the days when air travel was a thrilling, sophisticated affair, the November 2017 travel trends prove that those days might not be over just yet. Just like in the early days of... MORE
Top 25 Retail Ideas in September
Top 25 Retail Ideas in September
From Zero Waste Grocery Stores to Sprawling Accessories Stores
From zero waste grocery stores to sprawling accessories shops, the September 2017 retail trends reveal that brands are taking very different approaches when it comes to adapting to the changing face... MORE
play_circle_filled Meticulously Curated Boutiques
Meticulously Curated Boutiques
Trend Hunter Previews the Upcoming Smoke + Ash Trend Safari
In order to showcase the future of modern retail, Trend Hunter enlisted the help of the Toronto-based boutique Smoke + Ash to be a part of Future Festival 2017. To find out what the hip Queen West... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Explore the Streets of Toronto During Immersive Trend Safaris
While most business conferences revolve around presentations and panel discussions, Trend Hunter takes a completely different approach to content at its annual business innovation event, Future... MORE
play_circle_filled Free 2019 Trend Report
Free 2019 Trend Report
Trend Hunter Released its Top 20 Trends in 2019 Forecast Video
Trend Hunter’s 2019 Trend Report and video have been released, offering a curated list of the year’s most exciting ideas and innovations, for free. With a value of $1,500, this annual Trend... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Gain Applicable Experience at Over 40 of Toronto's Best Companies
Trend Hunter’s Future Festival will host an array of Trend Safaris yet again this year, with attendees able to choose from over 40 of the city’s most innovative businesses, which they&#... MORE