The Payola Website is Urging Starbucks to "Dump Trump"

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: & buzzfeed
The CEO of the popular app 'Buycott' has created a new platform for the purpose of creating a campaign that will urge Starbucks to "dump Trump."

'Payola' is a website that was designed to work as a "reverse Kickstarter." When a campaign is set up, participants can pledge to help the company financially if they abolish an inhumane or unethical practice. The only campaign on the website so far is one that is allowing participants to pledge to buy Starbucks gift cards if the company "dumps Trump" -- since it has a lease in Trump Towers in New York City. There are many companies who have already boycotted the unprincipled political candidate and Payola hopes to urge Starbucks to follow suit by offering them more business rather than taking it away.

This reverse boycott concept is creative and could be effective, seeing as the crowdfunded site is offering companies an incentive to raise its standards rather than threats.