- Jan 29, 2017
The top 2016 celebrity trends have seen their fair share of the Kardashians' modeling photos, but there are many other ways in which celebrities are carving their own paths and pushing boundaries. This year, celebrities could be seen becoming more authentic in the way they represent themselves, and becoming the faces of important social causes.

An example of celebrities showing themselves in a more authentic light is Waka Flocka's vegan cooking show segment that he led in a partnership with Munchies. The rapper's vegan lifestyle is at the forefront of the humorous segment, in which he reveals how to make vegan blueberry muffins. The personal aspect of the video is what connects it to consumers and Waka Flocka – who is normally seen as unattainable due to his celebrity status – appear as more down-to-earth and relatable to the average consumer.

While celebrities have always associated themselves with brands and causes that they believe in, they have begun doing so in droves to help impact larger social change rather than simply making monetary contributions. One such example of this is the '23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America' video that reveals many different celebrities outlining the problems with racism in America and its flawed justice system – ultimately working to promote the Black Lives Matter social movement.

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From Rapper-Led Cooking Shows to Black Lives Matter Activism: