The Wonderland Magazine Cover Shows Kim Kardashian in Wedding Attire

Kim Kardashian West is the star of this Wonderland magazine cover that promotes the publication's Autumn issue. Lensed by Petra Collins an styled by Zara Mirkin, the pop culture icon is shown in an ensemble of unconventional wedding attire.

For the Wonderland magazine cover, she wears a white high-necked crop top and bloomers, in addition to some thigh-high boots that are well-loved by the star and her sisters. Meanwhile, an extravagant lace veil drapes over her. She's framed by a whimsical skipping rope that's covered in glittery stars which is swinging over her, along with bubbles shot out by toy guns.

A bubblegum blue backdrop frames her, making for a dream-like image that's entrancing to view. Her makeup further enhances the whole look, with her dewy skin and lightly bronzed lips and eyelids making the Kardashian appear almost angelic.