'Joymode' Supplies Everything Needed to Create Memorable Experiences

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: joymode
Organizing camping trips, outdoor moving nights and karaoke parties can take a lot of planning, but the shared event services from Joymode have the potential to simplify the task of hosting these experiences.

Joymode describes itself as a membership-based service that "lets you access everything you need—but don't own—for great experiences." This means that for about $100 annually, members are able to easily explore some of the experiences that can be delivered on-demand from Joymode, make a reservation, enjoy and afterwards, have all of the items picked up. For instance, one experience Joymode offers is an Outdoor Movie night, which includes a big projector screen rental and buttered popcorn.

A service of this kind appeals to many young adults who would rather make the most of their time and money from the benefits of shared ownership.