From Malleable Travel Pillows to Comprehensive Travel-Planning Apps

 - Jan 29, 2017
Whether they are focused on enhancing traveling experiences or creating highly functional luggage pieces, 2016 travel trends offer all sorts of benefits to consumers. Some of the more prominent trends are ones that optimize the comfort of travelers, as well as apps and services that streamline the process of planning trips.

The 'Ostrich Pillow Go' is a highly functional traveling pillow that provides more comfort than the standard ones that inflate. The pillow's ergonomic design prevents discomfort, bad posture and pain while allowing the user to rest or sleep while they are traveling. When not in use, the pillow can be significantly reduced in size for easy portability.

'Google Trips' is an app that aims to simplify the process of planning a trip. It makes it simple for consumers to book flights and accommodations on their phones, giving them cheaper options from multiple sources. The app is also able to compile an overview of the trip for users, ensuring that they remain organized and on top of things while they are away.

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