The Aubergine Pillow is Great for Commuting and Traveling

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: kickstarter
The Aubergine Pillow is a portable pillow that makes it possible to catch up on much-needed sleep almost anywhere. The eggplant-shaped puff inflates for downtime during travel and it folds up to a conveniently diminutive size when deflated.

Whether in transit between cities or simply between home and the office, the Aubergine Pillow is an adorable travel companion. Beyond its inherent cuteness, though, the pillow is packed with clever design traits. For instance, despite its 60-centimeter by 30-centimeter dimensions when inflated, most consumers should be able to expand it in a single exhalation. Further, the spout uses the Bernoulli effect to allow consumers to blow into it from a distance (rather than putting one's mouth on it directly.)

The Aubergine Pillow's eggplant shape isn't just for show or for the name, either; its contour and oblong shape makes for a better fit against people's bodies.