From Brief Meditation Apps to Irish Yoga Retreats

 - Feb 7, 2017
Meditative experiences are becoming increasingly necessary as consumers juggle many personal and professional responsibilities along with their social lives. Whether it comes in the form of an app or as part of a retreat package, meditation is available in many forms and is a method preferred by Millennials who are looking to mentally decompress.

For a simple and convenient meditative experience, apps like 'Aura Health' are helping to lead consumers to a more mindful everyday life. One of its more popular features include the quick meditation session, which leads users through a three to seven minute meditative session – perfect for people who are short on time.

For young adults looking for a more comprehensive meditation experience, Love Yoga is an Ireland-based retreat that incorporates yoga, meditation and mindfulness into its offerings while allowing visitors to connect to nature. The retreat is ideal for individuals who have the time and money to take a break from their daily lives in order to prioritize their mental health.