The Sona Connected Bracelet Tracks Uneven Heartbeats to Reduce Stress

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: caeden & thegadgetflow
As consumers seek ways to digitally monitor their health, the Sona Connected Bracelets by Caeden go one step further in offering preventative tech measures to reduce stress. The fashionable wearable is a stylish bracelet that is able to track irregular heartbeats and provide a synced waved pattern to soothe the heart with meditation techniques. This offers a calming and subtle way to eliminate stress and tension that is virtually undetectable by others.

The Sona Connected Bracelets are quite fashionable in design making them undetectable as stress aids with sleek black and white leather bands complete with gold, black and rose gold detailing. The device discreetly monitors the wearer's pulse. If an uneven heartbeat is sensed, the device will use a sine wave pattern to calm the wearer and stabilize the heart rate once again.