From Beer-Scented Candles to Jewelry-Storing Votives

 - Aug 17, 2016
These days, candles are designed to do much more than simply make homes smell good and these creative candles reflect unconventional new concepts and scents.

Cool Material's 'Craft Beer Candles' take after their name with candles that are designed to smell like different beers. With fragrances such as coffee stout, floral IPAs and juice pale ales with citrus-notes, the candles offer a unique home-scenting experience for people who are enticed by the smell of beer.

'Secret Jewels' offers a holiday candle collection that offers more than just beautifully scented. When lit, the creative candles melt to reveal pieces of jewelry that are priced between $10 and $200 dollars -- giving consumers the option of offering an endearing surprise or a special luxury gift.