These DIY Candlesticks Make Perfect Halloween Centerpieces

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: honestlyyum
DIY Plaster Hand Candlesticks are budget-friendly decorations which are easy to make and fun to create. These spooky candlesticks require minimal materials and the human hand.

Using Alja Safe Alginate plaster, plastic pitchers, wooden dowels, a craft knife, black gouache and a paintbrush, crafters can easily fashion these plaster hand candlesticks. Molding after a craft lovers own hand, these candle holders boast an authentic look which is sure to cause some cringe-worthy reactions from anyone laying their eyes on these pieces of decor.

Painting the hands with black gouche gives them a macabre and ghoulish appeal while painting them a color closer to the human skin tone is sure to strike fear in the hearts of guests.