From Bat-Shaped Pumpkins to Sci-Fi Pumpkin Lanterns

 - Oct 22, 2015
No-carve pumpkin decorations are the safe way to decorate this Halloween. These pieces of festive decor range from store-bought decorations to dazzling DIY crafts.

Painted pumpkins are the most popular no-carve pumpkin style.'s sophisticated pumpkin designs are fit for festive fashion fans while DIY emoji pumpkins make the perfect Halloween decorations for millennials. These pumpkin decorations also include creative crafts such as HGTV's bat and witch pumpkin which transform faux -- or real -- pumpkins into spooky Halloween creatures. No-carve pumpkins also feature statement pumpkins such as awareness-raising teal pumpkins and Swiss-Miss' typographic chalkboard pumpkins which can be designed to say any funny or festive saying.

These creative pumpkin decorations are sure to replace any spooky Jack-O-Lantern.