For the Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Try Funky Ombre Pumpkins

 - Oct 26, 2012
Design website Funkytime has brought a no-carve solution for decorating your Halloween pumpkin with the Funky Ombre Pumpkins project.

Looking incredibly vibrant and festive, these painting patterns are a creative way to DIY a pumpkin without having to bring out the heavy duty tools and sharp knives needed to actually carve out a design. Funkytime also suggests using other gourds, such as butternut squash, for an even funkier Halloween decor idea. There is a gorgeously geometrical triangle pattern option, but the real show-stopper is the stunning ombre design that is sure to impress. You can personalize these pumpkins with your own choice of colors.

The Funky Ombre Pumpkins project by Funkytime is an awesome way to decorate your Halloween pumpkin.