From Punny Social Media Costumes to Festive Floral Wreaths

 - Nov 28, 2015
The top November 2015 DIY trends highlights the best in at-home costume tutorials as well as delicious seasonal dishes and homemade decor inspiration to take you through to New Years.

In terms of costume DIYs, there is no shortage of inspiration. With tutorials on dressing up as everything from angel food cake to a bottle of Sriracha sauce, there are plenty of options that are likely not too difficult to whip up at home. Other costume tutorials include a pop tart, the Snapchat ghost, a unicorn and a Pantone shade.

Separately, there are lots of decor DIYs that make switching up your home's theme to match the season accordingly. From festive floral wreaths to succulent-adorned pumpkins, there are plenty of options.

The top November 2015 DIY trends showcase the ever-growing cult of DIY online.