These Miniture Pastries are Designed to Taste Like Cheeseburgers

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: thekitchn
'The Kitchn' blog put together a recipe for miniature pastries that contain a savory hamburger filling. When most people think of pastries, they think of flaky crusts and sweet fillings. These savory hand pies put an unexpected twist on traditional pastries.

The recipe involves filling traditional pastry crusts with seasoned ground beef. The filling is made from a combination of ground beef, cheddar cheese and savory condiments. The ingredients used are intended to mimic the taste of a traditional cheeseburger. But instead of sandwiching the meat between two buns, the filling is baked inside a flaky pastry crust. The result is a savory hamburger hand pie that can be thought of as a cross between a Hot Pocket and a Pop Tart.

The miniature pastries provide a new way to enjoy a classic American dish.