From Sunflower Seed Spreads to Wooden Birthday Cakes

 - Oct 18, 2015
The top October 2015 DIY trends speak to both the influence of Thanksgiving and Halloween as well as the extreme nature of DIY enthusiasm online.

Just in time for the fall holiday season, plenty of crafting tutorials and delicious recipes take advantage of both seasonal produce and plentiful themes. A nutritious squash pizza makes great use of seasonal gourds, while pumpkin-flavored popcorn is an easy, at-home snack for those who aren't interested in pumpkin-infused coffee.

In terms of the extremes of the online DIY world, two examples from the October 2015 DIY trends come to mind. The first is a push pin rifle created by DIY enthusiast and blogger Patrick Priebe, who literally built his own sniper rifle powered by thumb tacks. Additionally, a repurposed photobooth serves as an elaborate aquarium installation in what seems like quite the project to undertake.