This Thor Mjolnir Lamp Can Be Downloaded and DIY 3D-Printed

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: thingiverse & makezine
This Thor Mjolnir lamp is a piece of fan tribute furniture that can actually be downloaded and replicated by anyone with access to a 3D printer.

The lamp is modeled after Mjolnir, the iconic hammer weapon that Thor wields in the Marvel comic series and films. In the comic's world, Mjolnir has the power to smash mountains and channel cosmic energy.

Harnessing the power of DIY 3D-printing technology, one enthusiastic Thor fan used CAD software to create a pattern to print his own Thor Mjolnir lamp. He built the Thor Mjolnir lamp to the accurate size and proportions of the movie prop from the Marvel film. The pattern for the lamp was posted to, so anyone can produce their own.

With the increasing access to 3D-printing technology, fan art is reaching a whole new level of detail, accuracy and creativity.