From Arachnid-Inspired Tables to Rocky Stone Sofas

 - Nov 29, 2015
These November 2015 furniture trends range from arachnid-inspired tables to rocky stone sofas. Whether referencing natural landscapes or wild insect forms, designers are paying homage to nature with this month's home decor creations.

While minimalism prevailed in past seasons, these November 2015 furniture trends are proof of designers' newfound inspiration -- one that relies on intricate craftsmanship techniques and complex aesthetic details.

From complex puzzle piece tables to recycled food furnishings, these examples display a return to old-world and handmade craftsmanship. While modern technology is responsible for such innovations like laser etching and 3D printing, it is slowly being rejected by designers who miss the patina and uniqueness of handcrafted objects that are reflective of the past. Though technology will only become more prevalent over time, it may be soon be used to mimic imperfections rather than to erase them.