Alexander Balchin Conceptualizes a City Suspended Above the Earth

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: linkedin & justdesignnews
British architect Alexander Balchin created this futuristic city, which is suspended above the earth's surface using hyper-durable poles. This unique concept was created in an attempt to address the urban density of communities.

As Hong Kong's urbanization continues to expand, Alexander foresees the future as a vertical expansion. This 'Community in the Sky' is suspended above the existing buildings of Hong Kong.

The idea for this futuristic concept is to create a system of sky bridges that will connect to residential and commercial blocks. These blocks will be hoisted into the air and with pillar-like beams that emerge from the ground below. As the population of high-density cities continues to expand, the Community in the Sky is a realistic concept that could prove to be a city-saving initiative.