From Connected Rooftop Gardens to Glass Greenhouse Barns

 - Nov 28, 2015
The top November 2015 architecture trends speak to the future of structural design and its influence on other areas of design culture.

Recently, Swiss fashion brand Akris debuted a collection at Paris Fashion Week entirely inspired by architect Sou Fujimoto's portfolio of buildings. The architectural collection made use of materials that reflect those used in Fujimoto's designs and speaks to the interconnected relationship between fashion and architecture.

Separately, the Newington Green residence in North London is a narrow infill home that measures only 16-feet-wide. The tiny home boasts a timber frame and speaks to the need to make use of even the most unconventional spaces in increasingly full urban landscapes.

The top November 2015 architecture trends showcase the influence of architectural innovations on related industries while also speaking to the re-positioning of unused space in densely packed urban centers.