This Round Pavilion Was an Entryway into a Brazilian Art Exhibition

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: & archdaily
This round pavilion was used as a doorway into Brazil's design exhibition 'Casa Cor MG 2015' in Belo Horizonte. The theme for the exhibition, was "Brazilianity," and this spiked oblong doorway embodies the country's historic and vibrant culture.

Brazil is a country rich in minerals and this was used as inspiration for the rusted steel and metal strips that line the pavilion. The continuous round shape of the structure is a reference to organic architecture of Niemeyer in Belo Horizonte’s Pampulha, the place of the exhibition. The round pavilion is also surrounded by landscapes that also have cultural significance. The front display has a rustic ambiance and well-kept plants. The back of the pavilion is dry, with the presence of agave, which refers to a bleak view of the future that sees water scarcity as a problem.