From Handwriting Keyboards to 3D-Printed Fashion Shows

 - Nov 29, 2015
As exemplified by the top November 2015 customization concepts, the growing consumer desire for hyper-personalization and hands-on experiences is being satisfied with everything from DIY kits to 3D printing.

One of the spaces where customization is valued the most is in the home. To help consumers tailor an interior to suit their specific needs, brands are releasing products on as small a scale as the origami Folding Lamp and as large-scale as the New York DIY Loft T15 Kit.

There is a theatrical element to having something bespoke created and this is being realized with creations like the Lazy Pen, Selfiii International's selfie lattes and most of all, Iris Van Herpen's Spring/Summer 2016 runway show at Paris Fashion Week, which involved having a machine live-print a dress on a model.