This Brick and Wood Office is a Collaborative Work Environment

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: ong-ong &
Singapore-based 'ONG&ONG' created the unique community-focused office for 'EzyPay' using bold materials such as brick and wood. To accent these rustic details, the designers used bright orange fabrics and accessories.

The major goal for this office design is to encourage group activities, collaborations and team work. There are vast amounts of large windows that engulf the brick and wood structures with ample natural light. The wide open areas allow employees to move with ease. This will rid feelings of physical constraint, which will aid to eliminate mental constraints as well.

While most of the office presents open spaces, there are also areas to conduct private meetings and take part in quiet individual work as well. A few notable parts of this office include the game room and the stadium seating area that is used for presentations.