This Collection is Made from Pictures Found in Flea Markets

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: jfrede &
At a first glance, it looks as though James Frede's series 'Fictional Landscapes' is a collection of panoramic views framed in an interesting way. A closer inspection however reveals that the collages that Frede makes are created from different pictures that comprise what he calls fictional landscapes.

Frede gets his vintage pictures at a bargain from flea markets. He then attempts to place them side-by-side and create illusions of landscapes. By matching up precise mountain sizes or bodies of water, Frede achieves his realistic yet fictional images.

Each collage becomes unique and one-of-a-kind, spanning geography and chronology. By using an ingenious and inexpensive method, Frede may inspire others to create similar collages, which also gives people the chance to incorporate their personal pictures as well.