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As maker culture continues to rise in popularity, the do-it-yourself mentality is increasingly becoming a go-to source for personal expression. Ranging from simple arts and crafts activities to more upscale inspirations like DIY fashion and printed merchandise, these emerging DIY trends are showcasing how elements of customization are becoming an integral part of consumer lifestyle.
DIY Monster Pops
DIY Monster Pops
tinyB's Fun Halloween Kit Helps Kids Make Their Own Spooky Treats
Launching soon from tinyB is a new at-home kit for making monster pops in the shape of ghosts, mummies and other creatures. The Halloween kit includes pouches of dark and white chocolate for forming... MORE
Light Source Resin Printers
Light Source Resin Printers
HALOT Released the HALOT-RAY with Second-Generation Light Technology
‘HALOT,’ the 3D-printing solutions company, announced its newest 3D resin printer, the ‘HALOT-RAY.’ This printer notably includes HALOT’s second-generation ‘... MORE
Dual-Extruder 3D Printers
Dual-Extruder 3D Printers
The Ender-3 Neo Series Features Three Models for Different Needs
‘Creality,’ the large, Shenzhen-based 3D printing company, announced the ‘Ender-3 Neo’ series of next-generation 3D printers. The series features the Ender-3 Neo, the ‘... MORE
Vapor Chamber SSD Coolers
Vapor Chamber SSD Coolers
Teamgroup Launched a Vapor Chamber Cooling Solution for its Future SSDs
TeamGroup launched a vapor chamber cooling system for use on its future solid-state drives (SSDs). Vapor chamber cooling works by attaching a heatsink to the device in need of cooling, then running... MORE
Modular SSD Coolers
Modular SSD Coolers
Alphacool's HDX Pro Air Cooler is Compatible with Existing M.2 SSDs
Alphacool launched a modular solid state-drive (SSD) cooler for use in custom PC builds titled the ‘HDX Pro Air Heatsink Cooler.’ This device is an aluminum heatsink that matches the... MORE
Hardcover Handloom Machines
Hardcover Handloom Machines
'XIU – This Book Can Be Weaving' by Cai WeiQun is Award-Winning
The ‘XIU – This Book Can Be Weaving’ handloom machine has been designed by Cai WeiQun as a portable textile creation solution for avid or amateur makers alike to use. The machine is... MORE
Premium Dual-Screen Laptops
Premium Dual-Screen Laptops
The ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 has a Second 14.1-Inch Touchscreen Display
ASUS unveiled its latest flagship gaming laptop, the ‘ROG Zephyrus Duo 16.’ This laptop has a long list of premium features, one of the most notable points in this list is the laptop&#... MORE
Next-Gen CPU Cooling Blocks
Next-Gen CPU Cooling Blocks
Thermaltake Released the Pacific W8 and W9 Cooling Solutions
Thermaltake released two new central processing unit cooling blocks, the ‘Pacific W8’ and ‘Pacific W9.’ These blocks were designed for the next generation of CPU processors... MORE
SSD Coolers
Brands are creating dedicated cooling solutions for SSDs as temperatures increase
Trend - Brands in the PC components industry are now releasing both dedicated standalone SSD coolers and those bundled with SSDs. The fifth generation of SSD technology has been released with speeds of up to 13,000mb/s, which comes at the cost of raising temperatures and requiring dedicated cooling.
Workshop Question - How is your brand's industry adapting to new and emerging technologies?
Plant Fibre-Based E-Bikes
Plant Fibre-Based E-Bikes
The 'Hummingbird Flax' Features a Fully Sustainable Plant-Based Frame
The ‘Hummingbird Flax’ accelerates what environmentally friendly means for the electric bicycle industry with its first-ever plant-based frame. The bicycle was created by the ‘... MORE
Memorialized Convertible Cars
Memorialized Convertible Cars
Porsche Added a Special Convertible Cayenne to its Museum
Porsche added a new display to its Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, a special-edition Cayenne convertible from the early 2000s. The original hardtop Cayenne launched in 2002, and soon after, Porsche... MORE
DIY Instant Boba Kits
DIY Instant Boba Kits
Trader Joe's Instant Boba Kit Lets You Enjoy Bubble Tea at Home Anytime
Trader Joe’s is making it easier for consumers to enjoy bubble tea at home on demand with its new Instant Boba Kit. Bubble tea – sometimes simply called “boba” – is a... MORE
play_circle_filled Efficient Computer Memory Modules
Efficient Computer Memory Modules
Teamgroup Launched the 'Elite' and 'Elite+' DDR5 RAM Modules
‘Teamgroup’ launched a series of Elite DDR5 RAM modules for next-generation PC builders. The Elite DDR5 RAM modules are available now in configurations of 1x16GB and 2x16GB at 6,000MHz... MORE
Silent PC Accessories
Silent PC Accessories
Be Quiet! Launched Three New FX Products for DIY Builders
‘Be Quiet!,’ the silence-focused PC components company, announced the launch of three new FX-series components, including the flagship Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX chassis. Aside from this... MORE
play_circle_filled Wire Suspension PC Cases
Wire Suspension PC Cases
EVGA Launched a Premium Airflow Case that Floats Components in the Air
‘EVGA,’ the PC hardware manufacturer, recently launched a premium PC case titled the ‘EVGA E1.’ This case marks the first-ever release of a suspension-focused PC case by the... MORE
3D-Printed Pelvic Implants
3D-Printed Pelvic Implants
Onkos Surgical Gained FDA Clearance for its Pelvic Support Line
Onkos Surgical, the innovative med tech company, announced that it has gained FDA clearance for its 3D-printed pelvic implants and line of pelvic support products. Onkos Surgical titled this line... MORE
play_circle_filled Sneaker-Shaped Swimming Pools
Sneaker-Shaped Swimming Pools
HORNBACH and 43einhalb Unveil the 'SneakerPool' at a Berlin Event
HORNBACH and sneaker retailer 43einhalb (also known as Heimat) have created a ginormous ‘SneakerPool,’ which takes on the form of the adidas ‘ZX 1000’ silhouette. The larger-than-life... MORE
Minimalist SSD Coolers
Minimalist SSD Coolers
Thermalright Launched an SSD Heatsink Cooler for All M.2 SSD Devices
‘Thermalright,’ the Taiwan-based PC cooling solutions company, recently launched an M.2 SSD cooler for use in custom and prebuilt computers. The cooler was specifically designed for... MORE
Colorful SSD Heatsinks
Colorful SSD Heatsinks
MHQJRH's M.2 2280 SSD Cooler is Available in Seven Unique Colorways
MHQJRH, the computer components and small electronics manufacturer, debuted the ‘M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink,’ a passive cooling solution that adds an expressive flare. The heatsink can be... MORE
play_circle_filled GPU Power Converters
GPU Power Converters
EVGA's PowerLink Series of Components Addresses Transient Spike Problems
EVGA launched a new series of computer components that attach to graphics processing units (GPUs) titled ‘PowerLink.’ The PowerLink series is a power supply solution for GPUs that is... MORE
play_circle_filled Sausage Gardening Kits
Sausage Gardening Kits
Peas of Heaven is Inviting Fans to Grow Their Own Plant-Based "Sausages"
Vegan food brand Peas of Heaven is giving its community the chance to grow their own “sausages” with gardening kits called The Converter. These kits actually contain a bag of pea seeds,... MORE
Airflow-Focused PC Cases
Airflow-Focused PC Cases
The Fractal Design Pop Air RGB Case Comes in Twenty Variations
Fractal Design unveiled its newest piece of PC hardware, the ‘Fractal Design Pop Air RGB’ computer tower case. This case boasts two variations, one with a mesh front panel for airflow,... MORE
Next-Gen PC Motherboards
Next-Gen PC Motherboards
ASRock's Newest Motherboard Series Boasts 'Raptor Lake' Support
ASRock, the PC hardware manufacturer, announced that its newest series of motherboards, the ASRock 600 Series, now bolsters support for Intel’s upcoming ‘Raptor Lake’ series.... MORE
Artist-Designed Sports Statues
Artist-Designed Sports Statues
Louis De Guzman Created a Unique 'COHERE' Statue for the Cubs
Chicago-based artist Louis de Guzman has teamed up with the Chicago Cubs to create a new apparel capsule and corresponding sculpture, which has been installed inside the Wrigley Field shop. The... MORE
Motherboard Upgrade Packages
Motherboard Upgrade Packages
ASRock is Now Selling AMD and Intel Upgrade Kits for Wi-Fi
‘ASRock’ announced a new motherboard upgrade kit for customers who own existing current-generation ASRock motherboards. The upgrade kit allows users to add wi-fi 6E to their motherboards.... MORE