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As maker culture continues to rise in popularity, the do-it-yourself mentality is increasingly becoming a go-to source for personal expression. Ranging from simple arts and crafts activities to more upscale inspirations like DIY fashion and printed merchandise, these emerging DIY trends are showcasing how elements of customization are becoming an integral part of consumer lifestyle.
Custom DIY Canvas Sneakers
Custom DIY Canvas Sneakers
Convrse Launches a Pair of All-Stars in a 'Nurie' Iteration
Converse recently unveiled a blank pair of its All-Star sneakers that encourage DIY creation for customers to personalize their own iteration for a unique look—the DIY version boasts the name &#... MORE
Fully Customizable Spongy Sneakers
Fully Customizable Spongy Sneakers
The Nike CPFM Sponge Will Be Released on August 27th, 2019
The highly anticipated Nike CPFM Sponge silhouette is nearing its release date and the model is in high anticipation as it will offer a customization-forward consumer experience, as well as an... MORE
Vibrant Color-Changing Gin Kits
Vibrant Color-Changing Gin Kits
Sandy Leaf Farm Debuted the Color-Changing Gin Infusing Kit
For those looking to create a morphing cocktail that they can showcase at their next party, family gathering, or event, Sandy Leaf Farm’s recently launched the Color-Changing Gin Infusing Kit,... MORE
Online DIY Engagement Rings
Online DIY Engagement Rings
Sarah & Sebastian's Personalization Service is Convenience-Focused
Along with its delicately beautiful wedding-centric jewelry options, Sarah & Sebastian is launching a service for DIY engagement rings that consumers will be able to take advantage of online.... MORE
DIY Disney-Themed Stuffed Animals
DIY Disney-Themed Stuffed Animals
Build-A-Bear Launched a New 'The Lion King' Collection
Build-A-Bear partnered with Disney to launch a new ‘The Lion King’ collection in anticipation of the movie’s launch on July 19, 2019. The collection features all the classic... MORE
Celebratory Tequila Cocktail Kits
Celebratory Tequila Cocktail Kits
Don Julio and Barry's Bootcamp Celebrate National Tequila Day
A new tequila cocktail kit is on the horizon, as the year is nearing July 24th, which is considered the National Day of the liquor. The boozy product comes from a collaboration between Tequila Don... MORE
High-Tech Color Readers
High-Tech Color Readers
The Datacolor ColorReader is a Useful Tool When Renovating a Home
A good color reader is a useful tool for interior designers and DIY enthusiasts, especially when it comes to home renovations or moving into a new house. Described as the “Shazam for Color,&#... MORE
Custom-Friendly Duo-Layered Sneakers
Custom-Friendly Duo-Layered Sneakers
These Customizable Converse Grant Sizable Creative Freedom
These customizable Converse are perhaps one of the bigger DIY projects that the global company offers. Expected to hit retail stores sometime in July, the shoes will be available for consumers to... MORE
Meatless Mainstream
The Beyond Meat craze expands into more mainstream, accessible food services
Implications - Plant-based alternatives have been on the rise, and with that, a desire for “beyond meat” options are infiltrating more mainstream food service locations. No longer just a exclusive, regional option, beyond meat products are popping up across several high profile QSR restaurants and delivery services. The accessibility of these plant-based alternatives not only speaks to the rise of alternative diets, but the willingness of brands to cater to more specific consumer lifestyle needs.
Workshop Question — How might you better support specific consumer lifestyle needs, like dietary preferences? How could you make those offerings more accessible?
Creativity-Fostering Design Toys
Creativity-Fostering Design Toys
Alessandra Fumagalli Romario's Imaginary Language Encourages Kids
‘Imaginary Language’ is the playful name of a project by Alessandra Fumagalli Romario — a graduate of the Royal College of Art, who was interested in promoting creativity through design.... MORE
Playful Origami Packaging
Playful Origami Packaging
Some of Nestlé's KitKat Bars in Japan Will Boast Paper-Based Wrappers
Nestlé Japan looks to curb its environmental impact with origami packaging. Starting in September 2019, the company will be overhauling some of its larger KitKat products in the region. It will... MORE
Vending Machine Toy Boxes
Vending Machine Toy Boxes
Vendees Pair a Themed Unboxing Experience with a DIY Activity
The popularity of surprise-inside toys and the desire to create unique unboxing experiences for kids has led to the creation of tons of fun toys, including Vendees, a line of themed vending machine... MORE
Jicama-Based Beverage Recipes
Jicama-Based Beverage Recipes
Kroger Embraces a Jicama Recipe in the Drinking Category
A jicama recipe is shared by Kroger — a United States’ supermarket chain that has been accredited to be the largest in its category by revenue. Appearing online on the company’s recipe... MORE
Portable Heat Press Appliances
Portable Heat Press Appliances
The Cricut EasyPress 2 Comes in Three Size Options for Any Project
The Cricut EasyPress 2 is a compact appliance for crafters and DIYers alike that will enable them to create customized products from the comfort of their home or anywhere else desired. The unit... MORE
Orange-Flavored Vodkas
Orange-Flavored Vodkas
Grey Goose L'Orange is Spotlighted in Cocktails with Seasonal Ingredients
For summer, products like Grey Goose L’Orange offer a refreshing and citrusy flavor. A one litter volume of this vodka is said to contain “the natural essence of one kilogram of fresh... MORE
Angel-Themed Removable Wallpaper
Angel-Themed Removable Wallpaper
The Cherub Removable Wallpaper is Great for Temporary Dorm Decor
Decorating anything can be time-consuming, especially if it’s temporary—which is why Urban Outfitters’ new Cherub Removable Wallpaper is perfect for students looking to decorate... MORE
Gluten-Free Biscuit Mixes
Gluten-Free Biscuit Mixes
Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix Now Comes in a Gluten-Free Version
Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits have a cult following and now even gluten-free consumers can get in on the biscuit goodness with the debut of a Gluten-Free Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix. Red... MORE
play_circle_filled Size-Specific Knitting Pattern Apps
Size-Specific Knitting Pattern Apps
Knitsy App Creates Customize Knitting Patterns for Your Body
Entrepreneur Zanete Hussain recently debuted the Knitsy App, which creates custom knitting patterns based on your body measurements and personal style. The app displays various knitting projects... MORE
Shark-Themed DIY Stuffies
Shark-Themed DIY Stuffies
Build-A-Bear Launched a New 'Shark Week' Collection
With Discovery’s Shark Week just around the corner, many brands have partnered to launch sharked-themed products, including Build-A-Bear, with the brand releasing a ‘Shark Week’... MORE
Vodka-Inspired Cakes
Vodka-Inspired Cakes
The Partnership of Grey Goose and Drake on Cake Boasts Sweet Vodka Pairings
Vodka pairings are taken to the next level thanks to a collaboration between Grey Goose and Joy Wilson — an experienced cookbook author and the mastermind behind the ultra-aesthetic-friendly Drake... MORE
Hybrid Instant Photos
Hybrid Instant Photos
Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid Camera Integrates Digital Technologies with Print
The new Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid Camera allows users to have a traditional print with a digital twist. The camera includes sound recording capabilities with integrated filters and frames. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Rotating Non-Damaging Picture Hangers
Rotating Non-Damaging Picture Hangers
Levitate Hanger Lets Users Hang Wall Décor in 10 Seconds
Levitate Hanger lets users hang their wall art in 10 seconds or less without leaving any damage. The wall mount was created by product designer and photographer, Moshe Levis, who was frustrated with... MORE
play_circle_filled Hybrid Bookmark Stencils
Hybrid Bookmark Stencils
Sketchmark 2 is the Perfect Organization Tool for Bullet Journals
Tinkershop Creative, an Indianapolis-based design studio founded by Jordan Rapp, has recently launched the Sketchmark 2 to help individuals stay organized and creative. The pocket-sized tool is... MORE
play_circle_filled Color-Blocked Customizable Doormats
Color-Blocked Customizable Doormats
The Tile Mat Allows You to Easily Personalize Your Doormat
Many people view a home’s doormat as the item that shapes someone’s first impression of the residents, and thanks to Lettefolk’s new Tile Mat, you can customize your doormat to... MORE
Fermented Vegetable Kits
Fermented Vegetable Kits
Farm Steady's Custom Kits Allow for At-Home Food Preservation
Farm Steady is a food brand specializing in products that make at-home food preservation easy—its fermented vegetable kit allows for easy and delicious custom recipes for kimchi, sauerkraut,... MORE