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As maker culture continues to rise in popularity, the do-it-yourself mentality is increasingly becoming a go-to source for personal expression. Ranging from simple arts and crafts activities to more upscale inspirations like DIY fashion and printed merchandise, these emerging DIY trends are showcasing how elements of customization are becoming an integral part of consumer lifestyle.
Top 55 Design Trends in July
Top 55 Design Trends in July
From Playable DIY Video Games to Handcrafted Wooden Toys
The DIY aesthetic is strong in the July 2020 design category as many innovations seek to include consumers in the creative process either through giving them the tools that they need or a helpful... MORE
Top 30 DIY Ideas in June
Top 30 DIY Ideas in June
from DIY Pasta-Making Kits to Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
With the social distancing and self-isolation in full effect due to COVID-19, the June 2020 DIY trends reveal that consumers are increasingly turning to at-home projects as a way to pass the time.... MORE
Hobbyist IoT Platforms
Hobbyist IoT Platforms
Quantum Integration's IoT Platform Gives Electronic Hobbyists More Control
While the majority of smart home systems are designed to be user-friendly enough for the average person to use, Quantum Integration is distinguishing itself by introducing the first IoT platform... MORE
High-End Hazmat Suits
High-End Hazmat Suits
Erykah Badu Sports a Louis Vuitton Hazmat Suit at the Texas Film Awards
From distancing-oriented fashion to high-end hazmat suits, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely challenged the way people interact socially and how they dress in public. Some individuals, however,... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in May
From Japanese Philosophy Floors to Upcycled Umbrella Bags
These May 2020 art and design trends explore and push the boundaries of creativity by investigating new perspectives and cultural art from all around the world. One of the standout concepts that has... MORE
Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
Upcycled Egg Shell Crafts
Egg Farmers of Canada's Craft Series Encourages Reusing and Recycling
Egg Farmers of Canada’s egg crafts series encourages creative experimentation with an unexpected ingredient. Launched just in time for spring and summer, these crafts illustrate the... MORE
DIY Fermentation Gadgets
DIY Fermentation Gadgets
The Kefirko Veggie Fermenter Helps with Fermenting at Home
At a time when people are open to exploring baking break from scratch and starting their own backyard or balcony gardens, some are also getting into fermenting at home. Over the last few years, a... MORE
Branded Quarantine Fort Campaigns
Branded Quarantine Fort Campaigns
IKEA's Quarantine Campaign Shows How to Make Furniture Forts
To help stave off the boredom many households are feeling during the COVID-19 lockdown, IKEA Russia debuted a quarantine campaign that shows users how to make fun furniture fort. The old-school... MORE
DIY Entertainment
Brands are launching platforms that allow consumers to build movies and games
Trend - Developers are debuting creative experiences that allow consumers to build their own movies, stop-motion animations, games, and more. In doing so, brands are able to better engage individuals through tech-powered activities that are novel and interesting.
Workshop Question - How might you harness DIY projects to help consumers attain knowledge and build skills?
20 DIY Home Decor Innovations
20 DIY Home Decor Innovations
From Branded Design Challenges to DIY Candle Making Kits
These DIY home decor innovations range from at-home candle making kits to branded interior design challenges. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing safety measures,... MORE
Preschool-Friendly 3D Printing Pens
Preschool-Friendly 3D Printing Pens
The 3Doodler Build & Play is Easy for Little Ones to Use
The 3Doodler Build & Play 3D printing pen is one of the latest products from the brand that will provide little ones with the ability to create customized projects using advanced components. The... MORE
Buildable Art Sets
Buildable Art Sets
The LEGO Art Series Appeals to Pop Culture-Loving Adults
The new LEGO Art series consists of four nostalgic sets that help Millennials welcome buildable pieces of pop culture into their homes. The art sets were created through official collaborations with... MORE
play_circle_filled Protective Alert Necklaces
Protective Alert Necklaces
NASA's 3D-Printed Pendant Necklace Discourages Face-Touching
Alongside protective face mask coverings and on-the-go hand sanitizers, other protective products are being introduced to help people adopt new essentials and healthy habits—like the 3D-printed... MORE
play_circle_filled Playable DIY  Video Games
Playable DIY Video Games
GB Studio is a Design Suite for Developing Nintendo GameBoy Software
DIY video games have proven to be a difficult task in the past but as technology evolves, even this activity becomes more accessible to those with little to no programming experience. For those who... MORE
DIY Video Games
DIY Video Games
Media Molecule's 'Dreams' Platform Enables You to Create PlayStation 4 Games
DIY video games have the potential to be an entertaining experience for many games. Dreams—a creative platform launched by British developer Media Molecule—is intended to help individuals in... MORE
DIY Stop-Motion Animation Platforms
DIY Stop-Motion Animation Platforms
Stop Motion Studio Helps You Create a Unique Plot Line
Accessible to both older and younger demographics, Stop Motion Studio is really leading the way of DIY stop-motion animation. Through such software, fans of the LEGO shorts on YouTube or ‘... MORE
Pureed Ube Pancake Mixes
Pureed Ube Pancake Mixes
Trader Joe's Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix Makes Purple Pancakes
If you’re looking to make breakfast a little bit more fun, you’ll want to try Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix. Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix is... MORE
3D-Printed Vacuum Attachments
3D-Printed Vacuum Attachments
Miele’s Thingiverse Page Shares 10 Downloadable Part Files
Vacuum cleaners usually come with various accessories of different sizes and compositions for cleaning different kinds of surfaces but German appliance manufacturer Miele is now introducing its own... MORE
Minimalist Maker Screwdrivers
Minimalist Maker Screwdrivers
The 'Imezing' Screwdriver Has Internal Storage and More
The ‘Imezing’ screwdriver is a minimalist multifunctional tool for makers, engineers, hobbyists and beyond that will offer them a design-conscious solution for performing an array of... MORE
Beachy Gelatin Dessert Kits
Beachy Gelatin Dessert Kits
The New JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is a Fun Activity for Kids
For parents looking for a fun activity to occupy kids during self-isolation, the new JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is the perfect option. The JELL-O Play Beach Dessert Kit is a creative and... MORE
DIY Slipper Kits
DIY Slipper Kits
The Hender Scheme Craft Yourself / Room Shoes Kit is Interactive
The Hender Scheme Craft Yourself / Room Shoes kit is a new offering from the brand that provides consumers with a way to DIY their own footwear when spending extended periods of time indoors this... MORE
Fastener-Free Cabinetry Designs
Fastener-Free Cabinetry Designs
Reform's Kitchen Wood and Steel Cabinetry Doesn't Need Screws
Screws are usually integral to assembling cabinetry designs but Reform is introducing wood and steel cabinetry pieces that can be put together without any extraneous fasteners. The easy-to-assemble... MORE
Cookie Dough Crust Cheesecakes
Cookie Dough Crust Cheesecakes
Walmart is Selling a Cheesecake Kit with a Cookie Dough Crust
If you’re looking for a simple baking challenge to pass the time while quarantined, the Classic Cheesecake with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Crust Kit by Tylina Foods is the perfect solution.... MORE
DIY At-Home Tattoo Kits
DIY At-Home Tattoo Kits
The Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit Comes with Instructions, Equipment and More
The Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit is a DIY solution for those who are looking to create their own body art from the comfort of home, while still keeping a focus on professionalism and health. The kit... MORE
DIY Smoothie Kits
DIY Smoothie Kits
One Potato is Launching Seven New Smoothie Kits
The popular organic meal service One Potato recently announced the launch of seven new smoothie kits inspired by Co-Founder Catherine McCord’s latest cookbook titled ‘Smoothie Project:... MORE