These Comfortable Heels Absorb Impact with Rubber Padded Springs

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: bal-a-design & psfk
Whether you are a woman who refers to high heels as an instrument of the patriarchy or one who feels confident and sexy in sky-high stilettos, these comfortable heels will revolutionize your wardrobe and your life. High heels are known to be uncomfortable and even painful, however Yasuyuki Yamada has come up with an entirely new design that changes this notion.

Instead of a solid vertical heel, the 'YaChaika' shoe has two curved springs underneath it, allowing for vertical movement of the foot with each step. The springs absorb shock while walking with rubber padded bottoms. This allows women to have a more normal posture and for the spring to be absorbing impact instead of their feet. Best of all, the comfortable heels still look sexy, with an unchanged shoe shape and a sleek curved metal heel. This design will change the world of women's footwear and reduce negative health impacts like back pain and problems with posture.